El Diablo

Devilishly good in name and nature, the El Diablo enjoys strong flavours with the fiery ginger beer rounding off this classic tequila cocktail. If you usually go for Blanco tequila, why not experiment with its delightful sister, reposado. There are five official classifications of tequila, determined by the time the tequila spends ageing in barrels. Where Blanco is un-aged tequila that is bottled shortly after distillation, reposado is aged for between 60 and 364 days. 
50ml Herradura reposado tequila (shop)
20ml Creme De Cassis (shop)
25ml fresh lime juice
Ginger beer (shop)
Shake the tequila, cassis and lime juice with ice in a shaker. Strain into an ice-filled glass and top with ginger beer and a wedge of lime.
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