The Salt & Vinegar Martini

Invented by the wonderful Yael Vengroff at The Spare Room in Los Angeles, The Salt & Vinegar Martini is a twist on the ever popular Dirty Martini, but takes its dirtiness from gherkin brine instead of the classic olive and adds a dash of celery bitters.

It works really well with our Potato Vodka and Jake prefers to serve it in a tiny little champagne saucer - but it works equally well as a full sized drink if one just doubles the quantities of everything.


25 ml Portobello Road British Potato Vodka

12.5ml Sweet Gherkin Brine

7.5ml Dry Vermouth

1 Drop Celery Bitters

1 dash Saline


Shake with ice and strain into a Nick & Nora glass or small Champagne Saucer. Garnish with a gherkin slice in your glass and a small bowl of Ready Salted crisps on the side.


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