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Cabby's Gin


An aromatic take on a classic London Dry Gin! In creating the base recipe for their Spiced Rum they ended up making Cabby’s Gin. While experimenting with juniper and pimento berries as the heart and soul of their spiced rum, they decided to create a gin out of these unique flavours as well.

Production: This gin is made with eight botanicals, including juniper, lavender, rosemary, Angelica root and our star botanical, pimento. The main distinction between this gin and others is the use a molasses-based neutral alcohol for their gin.  

Tasting Notes: The gin provides a peppery juniper aroma, while the flavour is very fruity, with hints of banana and citrus. The heat is pleasant with an appealing and intense citrus nose. Cabby's Gin exhibits toasted nuts on the palate with a saltiness to balance and a wonderful crushed coriander seed flavour. The finish is almost oily with a slight whisper of pepper.

For more information about Cabby's or to see cocktail recipes made with their spirits check out our blog post.


40% ABV

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