Copperhead Original Gin

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Copperhead is a Belgian distillery specialising in gins. Founded by Yvan Vindevogel back in 2013 who wanted to turn his pharmacist background into something a little more interesting. Moved by the medicinal powers of the botanicals found in gin, Vindevogel was intrigued to create his own gin from the perspective of a pharmacist. 

Production: After a month-long process of experimenting with different botanicals, Copperhead landed on five that have become their original botanicals which include juniper, cardamom, angelica, coriander seeds and orange zest.

Tasting Notes: Mr Copperhead used the 5 original Copperhead botanicals (juniper berries, cardamom, angelica, coriander seeds and orange zest). The palate is well-balanced with a touch of warm botanicals on the finish from the cardamom and coriander seeds.


40% ABV

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