Elephant Gin

Elephant Sloe Gin


Elephant Gin produces ard winning handcrafted gin products made with rare African botanicals. While its story started in South Africa, Elephant gin is handmade in Germany with focus on highest quality production standards. The company also contributes 15% of all proceeds to two African Elephant foundations to support the preservation of African wildlife. 

Production: The base of this gin is made from their classic gin and the fresh flavour of sloe berries is then macerated into the gin for a total of seven months. Elephant Sloe Gin has a lower sugar content bringing out the bright natural fruit flavour.

Tasting Notes: The sloe berries take centre stage in this gin with a floral finish combined from the berries and the gin botanicals. Because of the lower sugar content, Elephant Sloe Gin can be enjoyed neat or in a cocktail.


35% ABV

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