Nicholson Distillery

Nicholson Gin

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Nicholson's history dates back all the way to 1736 when the distillery was originally founded by the Nicholson family. They were some of the original pioneers that created what is by today's definition a London Dry Gin. Soon after Nicholson became essential behind the bar for bartenders making a name for themselves well into the 1900s. Recently in 2017 Nicholson reopened their doors as a brand and have started to make their gin again using the same classic recipe that they were so well known for back in the day.

Production: The original distillery was located in Clerkenwell and then moving to Bow in 1873 after their acquisition of the Three Mills site. It was here where their production methods became more refined after experimenting with different machinery and milling techniques. It was at this point that they expanded their production to accommodate the large demand they had acquired.

Tasting Notes: The most prominent flavour as any traditional London Dry Gin would have is juniper, followed by soft notes of lemon and angelica making this a very classic gin. Serve in a G&T with a twist of lemon and a thin slice of rhubarb.

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