Aluna Coconut Rum


A sublime blend of rums from Guatemala and the Caribbean with natural toasted coconut flavour. With a fraction of the sugar found in competitor brands, Aluna offers the true flavour of coconut alongside the authentic warmth and complexity of high-quality rum, with no sticky, sugary aftertaste. This way it's naturally lower in sugar and higher in flavour.

Production: This Guatemalan rum is made with virgin sugar cane honey (Miel de Cana) which makes a lighter and smoother rum with a natural subtle sweetness. A unique strain of yeast extracted from pineapple is used to ferment the sugar cane honey slowly, releasing floral and fruity aromas into the rum which is then lightly aged in oak. Selected Caribbean rums add firmer classic rum notes and a little heat, giving balance and structure to the blend.

Tasting Notes: Clear and pure. The nose is light and floral with subtle coconut and fresh banana. A rum, toasted coconut, vanilla pod and cocoa flavour with a nutty, smooth and clean finish.



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