Diablesse Caribbean Rum

Diablesse Clementine Spiced Caribbean Rum


Made from single origin, 100% Demerara rum from the DIAMOND DISTILLERY in Guyana, using locally produced sugar cane molasses and traditional pot and column distillation methods dating back hundreds of years. Naturally flavoured with clementine and awarm Caribbean spice mix of vanilla pod, ginger, cinnamon and clove.


NOSE - Delicious, distinctive nose: Gingerbread, toasted cinnamon, clementine zest.

PALATE - Bright, not too sweet or overbearing. Toffee apple, clementine zest.

FINISH - Warm pimento; Sticky gingerbread. Sweetness balanced by ‘zestiness’: fresh, bright, vibrant, natural, soft warm spice.

40% abv


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