Two Keys

Two Keys Mixers - Black Tea 200ml x12

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A blend of three of the world's most famous black teas - Sri Lankan Ceylon, Indian Assam, and Chinese Lapsang Souchong. Two Keys Black Tea mixer uses most highly prized second flush for its robust, yet smooth flavour.

The cold brew blend combines the bold and rich character of finest Assam teas with the tangy, citrusy notes that top Sri Lankan teas are famed for. Together, they create a malty yet floral infusion, with a hint of sweetness, while the Lapsang Souchong offers a smoky and sophisticated finish. 

Two Keys was conceived in early 2019 by spirit enthusiasts, James Simpson and Jack Herlihy. Feeling uninspired by the predictability of mixers on the market, they were determined to create something completely unique and innovative that reflected the diversity, quality and craftsmanship that is so abundant in the spirit world.

Their quest took them all over the world to source the very best, real ingredients - green teas from Japan; black teas from India, Sri Lanka and China; organic cane sugar from Brazil; pink grapefruits from Andalusia and lemons from Murcia.

This unparalleled push for quality means that barman and home drinker alike can now make the perfect drink in seconds.

Drinking just got a little bit more exciting.


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