Double Dutch

Double Dutch - Pomegranate & Basil 200ml x12


Herbaceous aroma with a peppery finish. Taking the refreshing taste of pomegranate, a superfood. Double Dutch combine it with a twist of basil. This paring creates a complex flavour profile which straddles sweet and tart but also offers a tannin note to provide body and flavour. The perfect partner for botanical gins. 


Double Dutch 

Rasied in the Netherlands, Double Dutch's twin founders, Joyce and Raissa de Hass, have a natural affinity with superlative drinks and excellent blending. After all they come from the birthplace of Genever!

But their love affair turned to frustration. While the world's choice of spirits has continued to grow, mixers and sodas have remained bland.

Double Dutch is the result of this love affair - uniting great spirits with complementary mixers that enliven and enhance. 

From the world's best mixologists through to those who prefer their G&T on the sofa at home, the Double Dutch twins have created revolutionary mixers to intensify the enjoyment of spirits, or to be enjoyed solo. 

Ethically and sustainably sourced

Low calories



Carbon Neutral

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