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Franklin & Sons Mandarin Mixer with Ginger


Franklin & Sons products were first introduced in 1886 and the Franklin brothers quickly established themselves as experts in creating authentic, high quality recipes made from delicious hand-picked ingredients. An ethos which continues today in the new range of premium tonics and mixers.

Today’s range was developed to ensure the flavours are well balanced and bring out the best in spirits. The foundation of the Franklin & Sons tonic and mixer range is Staffordshire water and finest British sugar with the highest carbonation possible to lift the most delicate botanicals of any spirit. The range only uses natural flavours, extracts and colours and never include preservatives or sweeteners.

A citrussy twist on the traditional Ginger Ale. Mandarin brings aromatic sweetness to elevate the spirit is it paired with. Traditionally paired with dark spirits, ginger brings a subtle, spicy warmth to the finish. Mandarin Mixer with Ginger perfectly pairs with the finest whiskies, as well as spiced rum and citrussy, bitter aperitifs.

Vegan friendly and gluten free. Contains no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners and no preservatives.

Sweet mandarin is followed by warm ginger to create a well-rounded mixer with a zesty aroma. Lively effervescence and a touch of British sugar beet create a clean and low sugar mixer.

Staffordshire spring water and British sugar beet combine to create a crisp and clean mixer, with flavour notes inspired by classic whisky serves like the Blood & Sand and Old Fashioned.

12x 200ml bottles.

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