Sliabh Liag Distillers

An Dúlamán Irish Maritime Gin


From Donegal, Ireland, An Dúlamán creates authentic gins using the resources around them, one of them being the sea. There is a high level of care that goes into every aspect of their products making very special and unique gins with a rich history behind every bottle.

Production: Sliabh Liag not only uses traditional botanicals for their An Dúlamán Irish Maritime gin such as juniper, angelica root, cassia bark, coriander, orange and lemon peel but they also include five different types of seaweeds found in the local waters near Donegal. The seaweed creates a diversity in the palate ranging from salty to soft to peppery.

Tasting Notes: The juniper hits the front of the palate as a traditional gin would but then develops on the tongue balancing out the soft and salty seaweed flavours from the warm and citrus botanicals. Best enjoyed with a lemon tonic or in a classic Negroni.


43.2% ABV

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