Broken Clock Distillery

Broken Clock Vodka


Broken Clock Lingering Vodka is slowly and meticulously crafted in the North of England for those who dream of stopping the mechanical flow of time, breaking the clock, and slipping into the rhythm of nature.

Production: Distilled in a traditional copper pot still, this artisan vodka is made using slow-ripened, organic, windfall apples sourced from the bountiful gardens of Shandy Hall, and a selection of botanicals found in old Georgian recipes including bergamot and angelica root. The result is a super-premium spirit that encourages the drinker to press pause for a moment of prolonged drinking pleasure.

Tasting Notes: On the nose, Broken Clock Lingering Vodka offers aromas of dewy grass, along with hints of dried fruits, angelica and citrus. Rose petal, Bramley apple and baking spices dance on the palate, giving way to a touch of earthiness. The finish is lingering and breezy, with white pepper and a delightful bitter-sweetness.

70 Cl

40% ABV

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