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Cabby's White Rum

The first ever Rum produced in the heart of London! Traditionally produced from 100% cane molasses, we ferment, distil and mature Cabby’s rum at our  distillery at Mile End, E3. We barrel age our award-winning rum then charcoal filter at the end.
Cane Molasses is extracted from the juice residues created when sugar cane juice is boiled to extract as much sucrose as possible. These residues are very dark and contain trace minerals, as well as invert sugars, and colours that make up the natural raw flavour and aroma of cane molasses. It has a strong, robust and bittersweet flavour.
There is a fresh scent of coconut and pleasing treacle warmth on the nose. Cabby's White Rum is a citrus-forward rum that really packs a punch of tropical aromas and flavours with notes coconuts and spiciness. The complexity is all balanced with a touch of sweetness from the molasses. A fresh and vibrant flavour lingers on the palate, almost reminiscent of fresh cane and leaves with a touch of vanilla and caramel.
For more information about Cabby's or to see cocktail recipes made with their spirits check out our blog.
50 cl

40% ABV

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