Cafe Borghetti

Cafe Borghetti


A classic Italian liqueur obtained from real espresso coffee.

Typically Italian, characterised by a special blend of the best Arabica and Robusta coffee. It is still made to the recipe created over 150 years ago by bar owner Ugo Borghetti in 1860. He first served this liqueur to customers at the Cafe Sport, near Ancona railway station, to celebrate the opening of the railway line between Pescara and Ancona. Still to this day it is the best selling coffee liqueur in Italy.



Today Caffè Borghetti is still produced according to the original recipe, using a large scale “moka” which guarantees the integrity and flavour of the product. The coffee used is a fine blend of ARABICA, grown at high altitude in South America, and Robusta from Africa. Arabica coffee is smooth and mild while rich in taste. Blending them with the high quality Robusta beans has the effect of levelling out any acidity adding depth and body consistence.

Caffè Borghetti contains real coffee beans which are roasted at a given degree of humidity and for a period that has been finetuned over almost 150 years of experience. Water boils, pressure increases which makes the water go up

coming across the ground coffee and obtaining the liquid coffee. Sugar and alcohol are then added.


Tasting Notes 

Caffe Borghetti has a rich and intense aroma, a smooth flavour with sweet, strong, dark roasted coffee notes and smoky with a hint of mocha. Perfect to great an Espresso Martini.



Best Coffee – World Liqueur awards 2019

Best Coffee – World Liqueur awards 2018


Size- 70cl

ABV – 25%


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