Balmenach Distillery

Caorunn Gin

£28 £29.50

Caorunn (pronounced ka-roon) is a Scottish-based gin distillery in set in the Highlands. They strive to create high-quality spirits from the land right where the distillery is giving the gin a special hand-crafted quality. 

Production: The resources used for this gin, including the water, grains and botanicals can be found in the hills of Scotland which provides a deep and unique flavour to the gin. Foraging is a large aspect of the production of their gin finding unique botanicals and flavours to create their gin. 

Tasting Notes: This London Dry gin exhibits all the flavours you know and love in a dry gin, but with an added dimension of an extra crisp finish. The flavour lingers creating a pleasant and smooth finish, especially when enjoyed with some tonic and a slice of a crisp apple.

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