Buffalo Trace Distillery

George T Stagg 2022 Release Bourbon

There was no George T Stagg release in 2021 but thank God it’s back!

Here we have just one bottle available - for me this is about as good as bourbon gets. We encourage you to buy this to savour and enjoy, not to flip it on an auction site! But move quickly as it’s sure to sell right away.

“I was lucky enough to be visiting the Buffalo Trace Distillery back in 2002 on the week they were bottling the first ever release of George T Stagg, when I asked the friendly chap on the bottling line what whiskey I should take home as a souvenir he said: “We just done bottled a whiskey called George T Stagg, it’s the best damn whiskey we’ve ever made.” Over twenty years later it continues to be staggeringly good whiskey. “ 
- Jake Burger, The Distillery

This release was distilled in the Spring of 2007 and bottled in October 2022 having pent 15 years and four months in cask. 

It was aged in #4 char, virgin white American oak barrels, in warehouse K, at the Buffalo Trace Distillery, Frankfort Kentucky.

An astonishing 75% of the original whiskey placed in these barrels was lost to evaporation during the ageing period!

The mash bill was made up of Kentucky corn, Minnesota rye, and North Dakota malted barley. 

Bottled unfiltered and uncut, the 2022 release comes in at healthy 69.35%abv - making it amongst the strongest Bourbons you’re likely to see.


69.35% abv


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