Kokoro London Dry Gin


Kokoro was inspired by a visit to our Uncle Nic, who's lived in Japan for over 50 years. His life's passion has been transforming neglected ancient woodland back into a haven for endangered indigenous plant species. Walking in the forest with him one day he introduced us to the incredible flavour of the sansho berry. Used extensively in Japanese cuisine, sansho berries have a distinctively earthy pepper flavour with a piney, citrus finish.

Production: The gin is made in John Dore designed stills of 500 litre capacity. The botanicals, spirit and water are loaded into the still in the evening before the distillation. The botanicals are left sitting in the water and spirit mix. The actual distillation takes about 5 hours, with the head and tails being collected separately as the "gin feints". The ABV of the heart of the distillation is approx. 80%. That distillate is a very concentrated flavour which is then blended back into more neutral grain spirit, before being reduced to bottling strength with deionised water.

Tasting Notes: Nose: Complex floral aromas of juniper and sweet orange. The mouth is smooth with liquorice, sweet citrus, pine & warming pepper finish. 


42% ABV

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