Buffalo Trace Distillery

Old Rip Van Winkle 10 Year Old Bourbon


The Van Winkle whiskeys need no introduction, they’re sought after for a good reason, offered here at a price where you can afford to drink it - not just look at it…


“Sometimes the nose of a whiskey can be deceiving, but that’s definitely not the case here. Caramel, vanilla and cherries again lead the charge across the palate with sweet grains corn, light oak and a touch of cinnamon bringing up the rear. The palate is a bit spicier than the nose, but delicious throughout.”

93/100 Whiskyjug.com

This bourbon whiskey is bottled at nearly barrel proof. Just a splash of Kentucky limestone water is added after a decade of ageing.

95 points (Exceptional) -Beverage Testing Institute

The distilleries tasting notes read:

“A sweet vanilla nose with caramel, pecan and oak wood. Smooth mellow flavor consisting of robust wheat, cherries and oak. Features a long, smoky wheat finish with hints of fruit, spice and oak tannins.”

53.3% abv


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