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Portobello Road Distillery - Royal Opera House Gin


This 2022 Special Edition marks the first of its kind as we partner with London's iconic Royal Opera House. A premier for Portobello Road Gin's partnerships as our very first gin for a high profile British cultural institution. 

The gin is inspired by the rich story of the area surrounding the Royal Opera House.

We wanted to echo the produce of the costermongers, florists and fruit and veg traders who for many years plied their trade in Covent Garden.

The recipe combines traditional gin botanicals such as juniper, coriander seed, angelica root and liquorice, with the subtle addition of lemon peel, elderflower and apple. Finally we add a tiny hint of nutmeg just as we do in our signature Portobello Road London Dry Gin.

 The botanicals are steeped in finest English pure spirit, distilled from wheat.

They are then re-distilled in our diminutive copper pot gin still, King Henry, at our brand home The Distillery, on Portobello Road in the heart of London’s famous Notting Hill.

 After distillation, we add purified water and more pure spirit to balance the botanicals and to bring the ABV to 42% .

A traditional London Gin, created by hand and produced in very small batches at our Portobello Road Distillery in London’s Notting Hill.




42% ABV

Nose - As one would expect juniper initially predominates, with secondary notes of citrus and a distinctly floral perfumed note that lingers long on the nose. 


Palate - A gin that evolves on the palate, as with the nose the juniper is immediately apparent slowly giving way to the citrus and spice of coriander seed, with a delicate suggestion of crisp apple making a brief cameo before the perfumed fragrance of elderflower and the warmth of festive spice take over to define the finish. 


Character - The generosity of texture in this gin brings bountiful mouthfeel, it possesses indeed a certain oiliness which causes the multifaceted flavours to cling to the tongue and its flavour and memory enjoy a sustained stay on the tongue and in the mind.



Try it in -  A Royal Opera House Gin and Tonic with classic Indian Tonic Water, lots of ice, a mandolin sliced piece of green apple and a grating of nutmeg.

 Or perhaps in a Royal Opera House Sour: a large measure of gin, shaken with lemon juice, elderflower cordial, egg white and Pomme Vert green apple liqueur.

 Or try a classic Martini with a whisper of the delightfully floral Regal Rogue Vermouth and a twist of lemon zest.


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