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The Whiskey Thing - The Intense One


A blend of eight-year-old grain whisky, peaty single malts from Scotland, sherry barrel-aged malt from America, and an intense and strong malt whiskey from India. Bottled at 47.8% ABV.

 Instantly transporting you to an autumn bonfire on an exposed wind-lashed beach, smoke, peat and sea spray dominate the nose, on the palate the influence of the sherry barrels is very clear with sweet dried fruit qualities and a slight nuttiness. The finish is long, very long, in fact, you’ll probably still be able to taste it when you wake up the next morning.


Shortly before the lockdown we launched The Whiskey Thing, our new experience where guests are invited to join us for an in depth whiskey tasting session to learn a little about why whiskey taste the way it does, and how whiskey is made, culminating in the opportunity for guests to create their own blended whiskey from our range.

The Whiskey Thing collection from which our guests assemble their blends consists of interesting and unique whiskies gathered from around the world, limiting ourself not just to whiskies from the traditional production heartlands like Scotland, Ireland, Japan and America, but also utilising exciting new whiskies from some newer distilleries in countries like Taiwan, India and Sweden.

Our in house blender has created these three expressions from that collection, using whiskies he feels demonstrate the breadth of flavours and styles that can be created from our range.

The Light One, The Elegant One and The Intense One, each being slightly stronger in terms of both character and alcoholic strength than the last. Produced in very limited quantities and presented in hand finished bottles, the first bottling from The Whiskey Thing collection are a great opportunity to see what kind of a blend you could produce when the Whiskey Thing is back up and running, or just a chance to buy one of a very limited quantity of fantastic blended whiskies to enjoy at home.


47.8% ABV

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